Artists at the Vermont Folk Art Gallery

Vermont Folk Art Gallery Artists

Warren Kimble

America’s most beloved living folk artist, Warren Kimble. Warren’s work has been licensed around the world and it is the most recognized folk art in the world. During your visit, you can stop and chat with Warren on most days that the gallery is open.

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Robin Kent

Robin Kent, a well known and noted folk artist. Robin is best known for her three-dimensional art that draws admirers and collectors from across the region. Robin’s work is in the American Folk Art Museum in New York City. The gallery serves as Robin’s studio and she is present most days.

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Medana Gabbard

Medana Gabbard is a well-known folk artist known for her incredible attention to detail of scenes from yesteryear. Medana is a licensed artist whose work can be found on jigsaw puzzles, calendars, notebooks, and other items. You can find Medana’s work in major retailers and on Amazon.

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Open Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 11 am to 4 pm. We are also open by chance and by appointment. Many days the artist can be found working in their studio and the doors will be open for visitors to stop in.

For an appointment to see this incredible collection of contemporary American folk art, please email us at: