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Robin Kent has training in art and design and is a self-taught woodworker.

Since I was a child, I love getting lost in the process of moving abstract shapes around until seeing a form that speaks to me.

In the tree leaves outside my childhood bedroom window, I saw an audience of people clapping and nodding during storms. I remember sitting on the kitchen floor moving liquor bottles around into different combinations. I didn't know what they held but they were accessible in the bottom cabinet and the forms entertained me while my parents and grandmother had adult conversations after dinner.

Nowadays whenever I see a visual cue, it becomes my next subject. The trick is to get the image down in some tangible form before it slips away.

My narrative contemporary folk art focuses on familiar, under appreciated, and possibly imagined moments.

Recycled, new wood, findings, metal and house paint create paintings, wall reliefs, assemblages, and sculpture. Sometimes I’ll paint canvas, murals, furniture, and anything else that doesn’t move. I call myself a contemporary folk artist because although I have no formal training using woodworking tools, I sense how to assemble my vision. I do have a B.A. in art, which makes the dichotomy interesting.

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