Medana Gabbard

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Medana is in every sense a folk artist. She has never had any formal art training.

She was born and raised in Arizona to wonderful parents that always encouraged her artistic energy. Her father Edward Galda was an amazing artist but never formally taught her to paint. Medana learned by observing her father and brother, artist Edward Galda Jr. create.

She developed a love for Vermont that led to her creating folk art paintings of yesteryear Vermont.

In 2003, she and her husband Karl met Brandon Vermont’s best-loved folk artist, Warren Kimble, and her love of Brandon led them to settle there. They first opened the Medana Gabbard Gallery and had much success there for fifteen years. During that time Medana became a licensed artist and was able to share her works of art on a global stage.

Most recently Medana, Warren Kimble and Robin Kent have joined together in friendship and creative collaboration to bring the Vermont folk art Gallery to life. The Vermont folk art gallery is a beautiful space to showcase three very different folk artists bringing whimsy and fun to everyone! The folk art dream team!

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